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I wanted to say thank you directly for entrusting us with your learning experience, whether you choose to continue to work with us or not, even reaching out to CENIQA can be a big step. I understand this may be a big step for you especially if you haven’t had any trading experience before. However we pride ourselves in giving next level customer service and support.

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Why is it so hard to find a competent trading education platform ?

My experience as a Financial Markets Trader going back since early 2013 , taught me that for all clients, finding a reliable and trustworthy educational company can be hard. More than hard, it can be frustrating, confusing and dispriting. Clients would report these companies using unscrupulous tactics, some of which you may have seen:

  • Fake Reviews
  • Bragging an extravagant lifestyle
  • Fake trading account profits
  • Not disclosing the risks involved
  • Dishonest Sales People

We felt that the clients looking to learn about trading deserve better than this, we feel you deserve better.

“When I think about the journey you, as a potential client will take with us, I wanted to ensure you felt at each stage both delight and reassurance.”

Many clients first meet us through our website, so when we set up the firm we wanted to ensure that unlike others, we had our profiles and our introduction bio on our website. We feature transparent profiles of our work, 5-star genuine reviews and easy to contact us options.

In our initial discussions I am sure you will appreciate our honest approach and fair pricing. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive.

After you have completed the online course, we offer full aftercare as an added option, we want to build CENIQA into a household name, a part of society, a positive light in the financial markets with a thriving community of profitable traders.

A Few Points of Housekeeping

Our onboarding team and consultants will get in touch as soon as possible, this might be at the end of the working day however. They will speak to you about the course and services that we offer and guide you onto the next steps, whether it is getting started immediately or what we need to do next.

We are an educational platform, so this means the content we offer is purely guidance and not to be taken as financial advice. We introduce you to the world of financial markets trading and provide educational content to help guide you to becoming a profitable trader. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey.

Thanks again for choosing CENIQA for your journey!